Enterprise helmsman

Enterprise helmsman

President of Starbucks(China)---Ms. Wang JingyingMore>>

Chairman of Hainan Yedao(Group) Co.,Ltd---Mr. Feng BiaoMore>>

Chairman of By-Health Co.,Ltd---Mr.Liang YunchaoMore>>

President of Castel Group---Pierre CastelMore>>

President of Kering Group---Francois PinaultMore>>

Presidet of Cheteau Cheval Blanc---Mr. Bernard ArnaultMore>>

President of Lafite Group---Mr. Christophe SalinMore>>

Chairman and party secretray of Hainan Coconut Palm Group---Mr.Wang GuangxingMore>>

Chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group, executive director of China Industrial Economy Association, vice chairman of China Health Food Association, president of ZhejMore>>

Chairman of Hebei Lulu Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Ocean Fishery Group Co., Ltd---Mr. Guan DayuanMore>>

Party secretary and chairman of Peking Huiyuan Juice Group---Mr. Zhu XinliMore>>

Chairman of Luzhoulaojiao Group,professorate senior engineer, doctoral tutor, the first Chinese master of brewing wine---Mr. Zhang LiangMore>>

Chairman of Sichuan Jiannanchun (Group) Co., Ltd---Mr. Qiao TianmingMore>>

Chairman of Yantai Weilong Wine Co., Ltd---Mr. Wang ZhenhaiMore>>

Chairman of Yantai Changyu Wine Co., Ltd---Mr. Sun LiqiangMore>>

Party secretary and chairman of Hubei Daohuaxiang Group---Mr. Cai HongzhuMore>>

Chairman of Anhui Golden Seed Group Co., Ltd---Mr. Suo BingxunMore>>

Chairman of Anhui Kouzi Wine Co., Ltd--- Mr. Xu JinMore>>

Chairman of kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd, national master of brewing wine--- Mr. Yuan RenguoMore>>

Party secretary and chairman of Sichuang Yibin Wuliangye Group---Mr. Tang QiaoMore>>

Chairman of Jiangsu King`s Luck Brewery Joint-stock Co., Ltd---Mr. Zhou SumingMore>>

Chairman of GuangDong Sanyou Group(Kim Heyuan )---Mr. Zhang GuoquanMore>>

Chairman of Hunan Huaze Group, founder of Jinliufu Brand, renowned entrepreneur in China Wine Industry---Mr. Wu XiangdongMore>>

Chairman of Henan Synar Food(Dukang Wine )---Mr. Li WeiMore>>

Chairman of Hubei Huangshantou Wine Co., Ltd---Mr. Zhu DixiongMore>>

  • Time:2018 November 17-19
  • location:Chinese International Exhibition Center
  • TEAE China Famous Tea and Teaism Expo day
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